We make and sell great bacon.

That’s right, we cure pork belly right here in San Francisco’s sunny Mission District. At the moment, we’re focused on customers in the Bay Area who can be reached by car or bike (Non-locals are encouraged too. But there's an added shipping cost). We charge $10 per pound and our minimum order is 5lbs. This bacon comes unsliced; in a slab, vacuum-sealed for freshness. Please allow one week for delivery.

Baconic Majesty grew out of a realization that too much commercially available bacon dosen’t make the grade. Several years ago founder Ben Schlessinger, dissatisfied with bacons available at local markets considered the possibility of curing his own. As it eventuated, he could. Friends and family (all persons of wealth and taste) agreed it was a toothsome treat and so many requested regular deliveries, he felt the bacon might possibly have a broad appeal. And so Baconic Majesty came into being.

Would you like to have Baconic Majesty bacon in your home, restaurant, or market? Give us a call. Send a text or email. We’re pretty sure it’ll change your life.
(In Case You're Interested...)
“Baconic Majesty? What kind of name is that?” Well, it’s sort of derived from the awesome Rolling Stones’ album, Their Satanic Majesties Request (itself sort of derived from a British passport, curiously enough). Except with bacon! Which, if we do say so ourselves, is hella good.